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Coffee Survey Framework is an extensible and open XML-based UI generation and object-mapping framework that aims to provide a clean API for creating Question-Answer pages in ASP.NET without writing all the messy UI code.

Coffee does not define how data should be stored and does not require a specific database design. Instead, Coffee exposes defined questions as properties on a data model which can then be mapped to a database through ORM or direct database access.

This is ideal for complex data gathering situations where answers to a group of related questions can be mapped across several related tables.

Coffee allows developers to rapidly create tabular data-gathering pages for common data inputs such as TextBoxes, DropDowns and RadioButtons using XML. The framework then handles the UI side - rendering controls, handling validation and managing postbacks - seamlessly binding the UI layer to the data objects.

Coffee is also designed to be extensible, allowing developers to add custom controls or extend the parser engine to handle different configurations as needed.

Getting Started

Head over to the Documentation to find out more, and go to the Downloads page to grab the sample project.


  • XML-based
  • Extensible
  • Skinnable
  • Supports localization

Coffee Survery Framework - Complex questionnaires in minutes!

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